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Individual pre-order

next Deadline:
17 May, 2023 22:00

Out of town from 25-28/5, pick up will be arranged after 29/5

➠ 上網填form,或下載excel template表填妥後發送至WhatsApp 70743464
➠ 截單後即日(17日晚)/翌日(18日早上) WhatsApp提供報價
➠ 付款(FPS/PayMe/HSBC過數)
➠ 一般約10-20日內到港,需訂購/加工貨品另計,如有延期WhatsApp通知
➠ WhatsApp通知買家到貨,天光道交收/順豐到付/GoGoX到付


如有查詢,請WhatsApp 70743464 或 IG DM @jealous.me_softball。

Points to note

- Fill in form below, or download excel template, WhatsApp the filled sheet to 70743464

- Quotation will be sent via WhatsApp on 17 night or 18 morning.

- Please complete the payment before deadline listed (FPS/PayMe/HSBC bank transfer)

- Japan products usually takes around 10-20 days to arrive Hong Kong, it would take longer for pre-order products or products with extra services. Will contact via WhatsApp if there's any delay.

Softball gear only. All items are pre-order basis, no refund accepted, apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Please contact us for any enquiries.

Not sure how to choose a glove/bat?

fill in the form

Quotation will be sent to you via WhatsApp after the deadline (17th each month 22:00). You may decide proceed or not by then.

Done, thank you for your support.

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