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  • 4 Dial Indicator (Umpire counter)
  • Umpire Ball Bag
  • Wooden Umpire Brush

Champro Umpire Gear

PriceFrom HK$69.00
  • All items are non-refundable. You may ask to see the in-stock items in person at Tin Kwong Road Softball Field or other agreed locations before purchasing, contact us for more information.

  • 4 Dial Indicator (Umpire counter)

    • Dials are in call order -Balls on the left and Strikes on the right
    • Ball dial is numbered 0 through 3, Strike dial is numbered 0 through 2, & Out dial is numbered 0 through 2
    • Weight: 28g

    Umpire Ball Bag

    • 100% polyester construction is highly durable and easy to clean
    • Main pocket holds baseballs & inside pockets hold umpire brush, indicator & keys
    • Weight: 36g

    Wooden Umpire Brush

    • Wooden handle brush
    • Durable bristles
    • Weight: 96g

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